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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cooking Mama 4 Demo

I like cooking, I like the 3DS, I like cute Japanese games, what could go wrong... right?

I suck at making a pizza, even in the demo.
Well to start, I am pretty open to strategy/cooking games. Heck, I am guilty with playing a few on Facebook. So I decided to download one of the newest 3DS demos free to download, Cooking Mama 4. Oh and I also downloaded Resident Evil, but I'll talk about that another day.

So what of this Cooking Mama 4 demo? Not a lot. Literally. You sift flower, mix the ingredients into dough, kneed the dough, put toppings on it, put it in the oven and bobs-your-uncle. Walah, demo complete. In short form; you get to bake one pizza with a stylus and... that's pretty much it.

This sounds like fun... .... .
To be honest, this demo really doesn't sell it to me. From what I've seen, it isn't that much different from the other games and the downside is, not being able to eat the pizza once cooked because the damn pizza is unfortunately - not real. Sad face.

Here's my thought. I could totally see a guy purchasing this game for his girlfriend for Valentine's Day as a hint for her to get back in the kitchen and make a sandwich. But besides that thought; not a game I'm expecting to buy in the near future.

What are your thoughts? Are you going to buy this game? It's ok if you do, I won't judge - much lol.


  1. Cooking Mama 4!? I tried out the first one once and it bored me to tears! To be honest... not my type of game, i'd be better off with Resident Evil :P

  2. This game makes me want to troll the internet with my dislike of it.

    (BTW, the Mario Kart 7 race is 8:00am not 10:00am (I assume you live in Qld. Please remember this and I'll see you then on the onlines!)

  3. OMG, I'm tooo late! I was fixing a flat tire at 8am this morning.. Wahh, I'll make the next MK7 race. ;)

  4. Daisy!

    I just found out that were following The 8-Bit Variety Show, and decided to check out your piece of cyber-space! Needless to say, but I am a fan!

    Topic: I have always wanted to try the Cooking/Gardening/Vacant-Eyed-Murdering simulators that are the "Mama" games, but have always had a bunch of other things on my list that superseded them. Judging by your impressions, though, it may just end up being a frustrating experience for me. If I take the time to make a pizza, I want eat it!

    Anyway, good work!


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