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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mutant Mudds Demo

When sifting through the demos in the Nintendo eShop, I came across this adorable little platformer called Mutant Mudds. From the screenshots shown in this post, you can see that it has a sorta; cute retro feel about it. It's a generic platform game, no doubt about it, but the way it's played and how the controls are designed and handled; you could say, Mutant Mudds was built perfectly for the 3DS.

This game - even though a demo, was one of the first games I've played that was better off being played with the 3D turned on. Better with 3D turned on?! Chaotic! Yep, this shocked me too.

Mutant Mudds Demo
The game consisted of the usual platform normality to it... but also contained a foreground platform and a background platform you could jump across to! 3D being turned on (for once), really helped on distinguishing the placements of the monsters and the different platforms. If the monsters were right in front of you - you can blast them away with your bubble looking gun or jet-pack your way over them, but if in the background or foreground then, they were not to be worried about.

On each level you start off with 2 extra lives. It actually shows 3 hearts... but you die if you lose the 3rd heart life - so that's freaking weird. And... the game has a time limit to make it extra more challenging. The perfect amount of challenging-ness in my opinion. On the fourth level, I learnt to not collect all of the diamond looking points because there was simply not enough time to collect them all and stuff around on the annoying disappearing yet reappearing platforms.

Waving in Mutant Mudds

The Mutant Mudds soundtrack from what I've heard so far is just pure bliss! Great melodic tunes and not too over the top. Old school gaming music makes me a little moist in the pants, LMAO! Besides that, it costs about $13.50 AUS so it a little bit pricey for an eShop game but... It's a great game! So I think I just have to buy it. I'm hoping the full game contains a gazillion more levels, more fantastic music and more awesome mutant surprises.

A great demo I say!


  1. I haven't had a chance to play this yet, but my son picked it up for his 3DS and loves it, and I know a few others here in our little blogging community who have played it and some of their thoughts seem to mirror yours as well. I figure I'll eventually pick it up, but I've been a bit pickier on my game grabs of late considering my somewhat sizable gaming backlog.

  2. Retro music has quite the effect... but I do agree that it is quite good and I can't get some of the tracks out of my head similar to MegaMan9. It is one of the more expensive eShop titles, but well worth it in my opinion.

    I believe there are 40 levels in total including the main and retro 'hidden' levels. I hope the new levels designed for the PC version make their way over to 3DS, but there's no indication at this point.

  3. I've been meaning to pick this game up, but yeah it is pricey. Probably worth it from all I hear, though. Yeah, the soundtrack is pretty boss.