Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Problem with Nintendo 3DS Wireless

Last weekend, I discovered a problem with my Nintendo 3DS's wireless. 


Here were its sickly symptoms:
  • I couldn't open the eShop, it would instead - freeze the whole console if I tried to close it
  • The internet browser wasn't working
  • Green wireless light was still flashing
  • It could still pick up wireless network connection points
  • StreetPass still works
I tried a few different methods to try and fix it. Re-entering my home network password, standing closer to the wireless router, turning the 3DS off an on, looking online for other solutions to fix the problem... nothing worked really. But I was convinced the wireless in the 3DS wasn't kaput. It was still green with life! The 3DS just wasn't connecting to the internet for some strange reason! 

My boyfriend suggested that I ring up Nintendo Support. As I was about to, I thought, what if... I just reboot the wireless router? Five minutes later. Success! I couldn't believe this fixed the problem. I found it just bizarre that I needed to do this to make the 3DS wireless work again. 

Oh technology, how you boggle my mind.


haha. my house has so many wireless devices - psp, 3ds's, laptop, ps3's, wii, 360's, 2 pc's... drives me nuts when internet acts up in some way and I have no idea what the cause is. especially since our cable company is pretty suspect to begin with.

Hmmm I have that problem from time to time and yes rebooting the router was the solution as well. Good thing you were able to figure it out! ^_^

I have a modem-wireless router internet hub from my ISP and has had no problem with my OG 3DS wireless and my XL wireless.

If anything the modem-wireless router has a signal strength that is far better than my old wireless router.

Try rebooting router as indicated, it often fix connection problems.

I have not that kind of problem in fact i am loving and happy with NINTENDO.

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