Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Resident Evil: Revelations Demo

I'm hungry!
Resident Evil: Revelations is a much better demo than Cooking Mama 4 - by a long shot. No offence to the Cooking Mama people out there.

Resident Evil: Revelations - Bottom Screen
In the demo, you start off being in a room, exploring the dirty bedroom and bathroom. When all of a sudden, you turn around... and an ugly beast with no face falls out of the closet and tries to kill you. You then kill him with a gun like a pro or run into the next room like a sissy girl.

I personally feel the controls are easy breezy to adapt to, however the viewing is a little off. What I mean is... when I'm playing the game, I just know something's going to jump out at me from the ceiling so I quickly want to look up. It seems the only way I can look up; or even down is if I use the weapon zoom-in mode. A bit tedious but do-able.

Another annoying thing is it feels like it takes a gazillion bullets or 100 shanks with the knife to kill even one monster. And with the tedious viewing, it takes effort to try and walk backwards whilst reloading your gun... or maybe... I suck at this game. Either way.

Zooming into the action.
Graphic wise - pretty good from a 3DS perspective. I'm just so used to seeing polygons everywhere in the types of 3DS games I've been playing lately so it's a nice change, seems really crisp. And the music? Well, in a horror/thriller game like this, you can imagine how suspenseful every screeching note is. I get freaked out when I play this.

From what I've seen. This will definitely be a game I'll be buying in the future.