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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Resident Evil: Revelations Demo

I'm hungry!
Resident Evil: Revelations is a much better demo than Cooking Mama 4 - by a long shot. No offence to the Cooking Mama people out there.

In the demo, you start off being in a room, exploring the dirty bedroom and bathroom. When all of a sudden, you turn around... and an ugly beast with no face falls out of the closet and tries to kill you. You then kill him with a gun like a pro or run into the next room like a sissy girl.

I personally feel the controls are easy breezy to adapt to, however the viewing is a little off. What I mean is... when I'm playing the game, I just know something's going to jump out at me from the ceiling so I quickly want to look up. It seems the only way I can look up; or even down is if I use the weapon zoom-in mode. A bit tedious but do-able.