Friday, January 24, 2014

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Blog 1)

To kick start my gaming adventures for the New Year, I've decided to dive into the wonderful world of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. After reading around and actually playing it for a bit, I've noted that Animal Crossing is the sort of game that cannot be finished within a week. It is one that you slowly build a relationship with over time and learn to love. It is jam packed with little goodies, gifts and surprises to be uncovered through the months of caressing it - and at this point in time, I like it a lot.

So what did I do within the first week?

These group of silly animals thought it would be a good idea that I become
Mayor of Jenkvale. Whose idea was this?!
Celebrating a New Year... by myself. Alone...
Felicity the Cat invited me over to her house...
... why is there outdoor furniture inside?
Living in the beautiful outdoors in a terrible yellow tent.
Oh yes, let's tell the world the Mayor lives in a tent shall we?
Oh great, this town is already infested with a rodent.
By the name of Limberg... he's actually not bad.
How cute is Snake? I'm pretty sure he's some sort of adaptation
from the Metal Gear Sold series Snake. Scary house though.
Got beaten up by some Snowmen.
WHADDUP WORLD! There's a flying present in the sky.
That's one way of delivering mail.
Chilling at Whitney's House. She has the cutest 'Chic' furniture EVA!
WOW! Look at this little cutie that moved into town. My sweet Henry.
Yes, I guess you could call this a date under the Aurora Borealis!
Speaking of Aurora... I haven't met you yet, but I don't like you already!
What's wrong with his eyes?!
A cat called Moe moved into the hood. Your house looks like a hospital room.
Redd... (insert What Does the Fox Say? joke here).
I wonder what they are building here.
Umm... Whitney? Stop looking at Henry's doodle!
He gets all the ladies!


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I use this exact same formula when I do my little New Leaf posts. It was very enjoyable to look at and read! :)

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