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Monday, October 14, 2013

Pokemon Y: The Journey Begins! (Part 1)

Let me tell you, I was super-bloody-duper excited when I first heard the announcement of Pokemon X and Y, but the week before the climactic entrance of this devilish game to temporarily rule the gaming-minds of millions - I just... dropped my excitement dramatically. Why? I'm not entirely sure but I think it had to do with trying to keep a some-what low expectation to brace the impact of the possible hit-in-the-face of meh... (mediocre Pokemon gameplay).

After about 8 hours of gameplay, not including the amount of soft-resets I put myself through, I would have to say that this game is far away from the land of meh... and even the kingdom of bleh! In one word, I would have to describe this game thus far as fan-fucking-tastic!

Aquacorde Town is so shabby shic!

I feel a bit weird typing about this but hey, I want to be honest, so being the Pokemon OCD freak that I am, I cannot have a Pokemon living in a Pokeball that doesn't match in colour scheme. OK, so this is what my brain is thinking during the process of selecting my starter, "Fennikin is part fire, fire is red, the generic Pokeball is red and white, red red yep I'm going with Fennekin". I'm that crazy... So naturally I just had to start with the cute little Fennekin. If there were to be a green Pokeball for Chespin and a blue Pokeball for Froakie I think I would still choose Fennekin. It just looked super adorbs.

I named my Fennekin Sunny and... I soft reset till I had my desired nature blablablablaba. After completing the la-di-da intro battle bits and such, I started Super Training it - maxing out it's EV's in Special Attack and HP before it even stepped foot on a fresh piece of wild-battle grass. Positive aspects of Super Training is that it's super simple to EV train, introducing more casual players into the scene of raising elite Pokemon - whereas back in the other games it was so damn painful to EV train with only those with patience or obsessiveness or for battle needs stepping on that long dark lonesome road. And what about IV's? Well, that's just genetic, some Pokemon have to be goofier than others right? -- I just tell myself that so I don't cry myself to sleep at night for not having perfectly raised Pokemon.

The biggest obvious stand out in this game is the change of graphics. Dear Lord it is beautiful. It's such a step up from its previous Pokemon game. Especially the ability to change ones appearance. I can actually look like myself now, woohoo! I am also genuinely happy at the variety of Pokemon that can be found in this game. Like, Pokemon from each generation? It's madness! I could potentially have my perfect dreamt up Pokemon team in this one game! But so far... with a evolved Fennekin = Braixen at level 28, it's still the only Pokemon in my party. I threw my Kanto starter in the PC like it was trash. Sad face. I love you Charmander, I will see you again in the distant future! The biggest let down I find in this game so far is the lack of new gen Pokemon. I heard there's only about 70 of them. Say whut?! Nyawwww, I thought they'd have more but no but yeah but no. Maybe they're all hidden in some grassy null at the end of the game.

Parfum Palace looks like Buckingham Palace!
My first gym battle was way too easy. My fiery Braixen against a gym full of bug Pokemon was like lighting a tissue on fire. Now you see it, now you don't. I fired up a storm! Eheh eh...

So what of my future in Kalos region? I need a bloody panda bear Pokemon - that's what.

Here is a message for the Pancham I will catch:
"I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for a ransom, I can tell you I don't have poffins. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skill I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for Pokemon like you. If you let me catch you now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will catch you."

Taken anyone?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Mario Kart 7 Winning Guide

In this post, I'm going to try and write a type of guide on things you can do to come first in Mario Kart 7 (MK7, no I am not referring to Mortal Kombat 7). I'm no pro at this game; just an everyday player, that managed to get the three stars next to my name, so don't get all rage face on me if you've read this and are still losing. You simply just need to practice more or - settle on being a gaming noob in general. Jks.

Firstly, I'm new to the "Mario Kart" saga and I've notice that drifting or um, power-sliding around a corner in-game can sometimes be difficult and be a pain in the butt hole if you have bad handling. Drifting however, is something you really really need in Mario Kart and need in nearly every other racing game. It gives you boost - which can lead you to victory. Drifting in MK7 I've noticed, can takes you far wide. On a regular noob occasion, you drift, and end up sliding out far too wide and off the track. It sucks bad. What you need to try and do is give yourself enough space to let a fart drift out. If you try to drift and don't think you have enough track or feel like you're going to hit a wall, then simply don't drift, just steer normally. Hitting a wall or falling off a track is worse than not having boost after a drift. Remember, if you can let an occasional drift out and succeed in doing so, you will pwn over others.

  1. Drift for 3-ish seconds (till exhaust sparks blue) and you will get a small-ass boost.
  2. Drift for about 6-ish seconds (till blue exhaust sparks red) and you will get a slightly bigger boost.

Jump Boosting
I say, do it at every jump possible. Every ledge, every small ramp, every boost ramp thingy or whatever it's called - just do it. But before you do it, make sure you're facing the right way, because sometimes it's hard to control yourself in mid-air without a glider, epecially on the Rainbow Road track (that track sucks balls). To boost after a jump, simply press R-button quickly straight after the jump. It really helps. Really.

Collect the damn coins when you can but leave them if you feel like you're going to crash into a wall doing so. Collecting coins can increase your base-speed and help you un-lock kart mods and characters to use in-game. It's a win win.

Make sure to always drive through the item boxes. And if you feel adventurous enough, knock out 2 item boxes at the same time, so the opponents behind you get squat. Every item is important; shrooms to boost, the weird looking squirrel tail to knock out opponents as well as hitting unwanted shells (excluding blue shell) away, bananas to slow your opponents down and a silly little green turtle shell. Even if you're in first place; you can shoot the green shell back in-case there's a red turtle shell heading your way. And so on.

When I first played MK7 online, I was wondering what the eff people were doing when they kept drifting left to right to left to right. I soon discovered they were snaking (which is just constant drifting from left to right). Yes, snaking can benefit you by getting boost, but I personally believe it's not that beneficial at all. Bumping into things, falling off tracks and getting hit by other players and their annoying items are hard enough. Let's just stick to drifting corners when required.

If you feel like being a total ass to other players, for the sake of winning, feel free to use MK7 glitches to your advantage, and yes, I'm talking about the Wuhu Mountain Loop glitch.

Ok, so now I'm not referring to the shortcut glitches in the game, I'm referring to the legitimate ramps in the middle of the grassy nulls or the path that randomly veers off to the side.

I personally didn't use these shortcuts often, usually because the kart I'd choose to race with would be shit in a shortcut circumstance; plus it would only save you a second or two which didn't really bother me. However, if you feel the need to take a shortcut, go right ahead, or left - whichever way it goes.

Character & Kart Statistics
Choosing your character and kart mods will totally depended on your driving style. It'll take a few races and modifications of character/kart selections to properly figure out your true driving nature.

I used to think it was all about the speed, however selecting a speed character meant slower acceleration and un-easy handling. I was struggling to win any 150cc races - due to getting hit by items and or crashing into walls frequently, so I tried a character and kart with better acceleration and handling. To my surprise, these stats were perfect for me. I was able to come first in 150cc races 80% of the time. In my personal opinion, acceleration triumphs over speed.

Map Screen
Eyeball the map screen like your eye-balling some hot bikini babe. Simply just, glance occasionally at it to see if the opponents behind you have little nasty nuggets for you like a blue shell up their sleeve. Then plan your strategy to avoid it accordingly.

Time Trial
Rainbow Road was a track that I struggled on. Sometimes it wasn't worth going through the whole Cup Tournament knowing I'd fail on one particular track. So what I'd do is, perrrfect.. racing the track through Time Trialling. Practice makes perfect right?

Last but not least is the way you drive in Mario Kart 7. Run over every boost pad, take every short cut possible, boost over jumps - just boost in general... Avoid grassy sections if your kart is built for on-road only, drift around corners narrowly, avoid touching other karts if your kart is weak. Common knowledge stuff. All in all, good luck!

Some of the stuff I've written above may be a little wrong but all the stuff I've written above is from my own personal experience, I hope it helps! If you have any more great tips in beating Mario Kart 7, feel free to post them in the comments.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Skylanders Multiplayer

In most video game campaign modes, I prefer to venture out alone. Multiplayer is usually meh for me but there are those rare occasions where I do prefer multiplayer for example, Little Big Planet or Halo. I'm one of those people who stray away from the yellow brick road in main missions, to go explore the map - just in case there's some super-rare-mystical-bonus item waiting to be found, and usually am the person to be yelled at for not focusing on the mission at hand.

Hex and Drobot being noobs on Skylanders

Playing Skylanders in multiplayer mode would have to be one of those rare occasions where I prefer another player on my screen with me. Why? Because I'd be switching characters in and out, left, right and centre. 

Like I said in my previous post, Skylanders is one of those games which relies on specific elements to unlock a special bonus section to retrieved awesome items. Therefore in real life, relying on me to switch characters on the portal often. And in even simpler terms, having to move my lazy couch potato butt over to the coffee table and moving the damn character onto the portal myself. It's a task I can't ignore either, I have the need to open these secret areas - I can't just walk past them all hoo haa and pretend they're not there. It's like seeing a massive white puss filled pimple on the middle of your forehead and you just leaving it there...  Some things just need to be popped and in this case, opened.

Don't get me wrong, I'm loving this game so far; however I'm just stating it's less effort to play Skylanders with another person around who can lessen the blow of needing to shift characters around - which is a good thing.

Flameslinger's Flame Attack
Playing campaign multiplayer in Skylanders is very amusing. I like it a lot, and very useful too. Too bad you can't have more that 2 players on the portal at the same time; it's a bummer but probably for the best. Having 2 players on the screen can sometime get a little hectic. Weapons, ammo, all shit possible just flying around hitting monsters, objects etc. it can get so distracting and spam worthy. But eye candy-ish in my opinion, destruction, I love it.

Hex vs Dark Spyro Battle Mode Opening Art
Multiplayer battle mode is a great aspect of the game too. You get to fight each other, race to collect the most gems or play for points. A downside is, you can't play against people online, but oh well. And O M G. The voiceover for battle mode is hilarious! It gets me giggling everytime. Just picture this, you have a kiddy graphics, with an epic Mortal Kombat style voiceover. Epic lolz.

I'm not going to lie, even with the annoying dialogues you can't even skip... I'm loving this game so far.